J-Town Funk Genetics is a business breeding and cultivating Missouri’s best cannabis phenotypes. We offer unique high-quality clones (almost all clones will be hunted from seed by me). I will pick my favorites and re-run them as clones. Then I will make my final selection of what I decide is worth keeping and offering to the public. All mother plants will be tested for HLVD regularly to ensure I am not sending out anything that could harm your garden. I don’t bring any new cuts into my space to help limit disease and pathogens. All clones will be available for a limited amount of time. I am always hunting new genetics so the clone list will change as I find new stuff and get rid of older stuff.



Best Concentrate

2023 Frost Bowl- 2nd Place – TickleBurger #7 FF Live Hash Rosin 70-159u

Best Flower

2022 St. Louis Fall Cannabis Expo – 1st Place – Funkdified #3 & 4th Place – Bahama Peel #5

Best Flower

2022 Frost Bowl – 1st Place – Stay Puft

Best Flower

2022 St. Louis Spring Cannabis Expo – 3rd Place – Tickle Burger #7

Highest Indica Flower Scores

2022 Mid Mo Canna Cup – 2nd Place – Tickle Burger #7

Award Details Coming Soon